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Preparing the test kitchen area. That thing on the ground is an upside-down ornamental roof.

Larry in the test kitchen area, caught in a great pose. In the foreground is another ornamental roof with a paper model on top.

Larry mentioned this year that he almost always has to build the roof for the missions, which I guess is a drag because they are complicated.

The storage room had a real refrigerator next to some prop barrels. I thought that was funny.

You can't see it clearly in this photo, but that is a refurbishing vehicle traveling along the elevated tracks. Cal Expo has one of only three monorails operating in the US.

The next day the monorail itself was doing trial runs.

The paint gets mixed into dozens of colors, and there is an attempt made to keep a little extra of each color on hand until the very end, for touch up. It makes for a wide spectrum after three weeks of color-creation.

Roger and Michael position the "California Grown" car onto a landscape.

The humble beginnings of the Contra Costa county display: PVC towers.

The foam wasp nears completion. 

The 4H exhibit starts with a simple two-color scene.

Roger and his great painting. This wasn't actually for a display, it was for my personal promotion... I just wore this around my neck on a chain for a couple of days.

Three cases of Super77 spray adhesive, for mounting photos and information onto foamcore. Three cases! 

You could easily glue a dump truck full of googley eyes with this much adhesive spray.

The September 11th memorial takes shape.

The Kugel ball is under the tarp and a huge girder from the destroyed World Trade Center sits in the background.

A fellow builder straddles his display.

The companion to the ultimate spray glue photo, the ultimate glue-gun photo! There were about 600 sticks in this box.

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More Fair Photos - Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
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