Tuolumne County Exhibit

I didn't have a lot to do with the Tuolumne County Display, but I had these photos, so here they are.

The display started with a high platform, winding down to the ground with a wide ramp.

Here is Richard walking up the ramp. At this time I was thinking "you wouldn't catch me up on that mess", but Richard is a real extreme sports kind of guy, so he went right up, without his helmet.

A large pile of construction materials, scraps, workbenches, tables and garbage accumulate around the displays as they are being built. It is a little chaotic, but it doesn't really slow us down.


More platforms were added, and the sides were dressed with burlap. The ramp itself was dressed to look like a little stream, with a little waterfall at the top and bottom.

The burlap was painted, trees and plants were added, as well as some animated characters.

This miner was trying to get his ass up the hill.

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