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Flags and clock-hands drying.

Mark doing some last-minute work on the banner, probably securing the connections to the ceiling.

This photo should give you an idea of the scale. 

The next morning, I arrived at work late to find the banner soaring above the wheel. Posters were being attached to the triangular pillars.

This was one of the occasions where everyone on our team was stopping to check out how it had all come together. It was really awesome.

The docent kiosk was decorated with red and gold fabric. Note bear icon and lightbulbs on the top.

Flowers, fruit and signs were placed on the final day. The surface behind the bear is covered in oranges.

Twelve blue fabric banners hung on the ferris wheel, each describing a feature of the old state fairs. In the foreground there was a bean-bag toss to (hopefully) engage fairgoers.

Kristin makes minor repairs before judging.

On opening day the crowds loved the display. In this lousy photo, you can see the finished livestock poster featuring the pig-head that started out as a blue styrofoam devil.

The fortune teller was dressed, animated and equipped with a soundtrack, a tiny camera and a television-enhanced crystal ball. 

It relied on a neat feature that Richard came up with; the crystal ball was designed to display an image of whoever was standing in front of the booth. It worked perfectly! When you look into the crystal ball, you see your own face staring back at you.

I saw a person literally leap backward away from the fortune teller upon seeing his own moving image in the ball! Awesome!

There was almost always someone standing in front of the booth. This kind of interest is a home-run in the county-display business.

The Sacramento county display won four awards this year, including the innovation award and the design award.

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