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Ferris wheel, platform and kiosks, the foundations of Sacramento's Display.

In this photo I caught Richard threatening county executives with the styrofoam bear. I was too far away to hear him making "Rawwwrr! Rarrr!" sounds.

Molded bear icons attached to wooden bases. The stack of wooden clock-hand pieces will be used to decorate the Ferris wheel.

Roger continues working on the posters. Because they are in full color, they take a few days. He doesn't seem overwhelmed.

Horseracing, with fair foods corndog in the background.

Roger wasn't the only person working on this display, but his work tended to be more photogenic than the other stuff, so I ended up with lots of shots of him working. He excels at sculpture and painting. I haven't heard much about his welding skills though.

A 20-foot title banner was built for above the Ferris wheel. In the foreground are the triangular columns that will support the banner. 

Actually, from an engineering point of view, they won't support it, but they will appear to. The actual support will come from cables to the ceiling.

Roger conducts a fortune teller interview, painting her hand and face. There is a hole in her chest for mounting a television. The television will sit behind her crystal ball.

Ferris wheel with supports covered. I believe that is a 12-foot ladder next to it.

Getting electricity to the rotating wheel requires a plate and brush setup ( a regular power cord would be tangled up as the wheel turned). I thought the brush and plate would be a major engineering feat, but Mark had it figured out in no time.

I thought a holiday theme would benefit the display, but my ideas were quickly vetoed.
Roger on the Sacramento lettering.
Spraying the bear, with clock-hand decorations in the background.

Roger is actually twins... Roger and Timothy.

Every bit of the wheel still had to be painted, so the wheel came off  again. I think that's Vicky painting.

Mark attaching the huge red banner to the top of the yellow columns, preparing to tilt it into place with help from a scissor-lift.

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