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The Sacramento County Display was designed to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the California State Fair. It would feature a rotating Ferris wheel of banners, a ticket-booth for the Sacramento County volunteer and a mechanical fortune teller booth. 

Here Roger contemplates his clay fortune teller's face. He started with a simplified styrofoam wig head. This face is going to be used to make a latex mold.

Checking how the glass eyeballs are going to look.

Once the face was finished, Roger popped the eyes out. Richard mixed up some plaster to make a mold, applying it first to the face, trying to capture every detail.

Roger, Richard and Mark with the fortune-teller head.

Finishing the plaster.

When the plaster was dry, Richard started pulling the clay and styrofoam out of the new plaster mold.

Cutting out the styrofoam, being careful not to gouge the inside of the plaster face.

A look inside the completed plaster mold, ready for latex.

Pouring latex into the mold.

Richard sloshing the latex around.

Using the overhead projector to plan the decoration for the top of the kiosks. One kiosk is for the fortune teller, the other is for a county volunteer to stand in.

The face dries and her hand mold is also prepared (left).


After a weekend of drying, the latex face pops out of the plaster mold.

The Sacramento county display also features eight dimensional posters, with features that pop out. This blue styrofoam devil will be shaped into a pig's head for the "Livestock" poster.

This singer's face will grace the "Entertainment" poster.

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