For the last 9 months or so, I've been toying with writing articles with a wide array of subjects.
Articles that exploit user-input, articles that will attract the best advertising, articles which have an absurd number of images, etc. Maybe it has been a little too varied.
Recently, I put together a reasonably-comprehensive list of the articles on and I would like some feedback. Which article is your favorite? A spot for your answer is at the bottom of the list. Thank you!

paparazzi contest winners
The Price of Dating Services.
reader-suggested hiding places.
Really easy, almost over-illustrated instructions on how to make coffee.
Things I figured out.
Excellent Hiding Places!
Car crash!
Collision Stories 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
temporary sidewalk chalk advertising.
Those 10Gain Commercials.
how did you accumulate all that credit card debt?
Credit Card Debt Reader Replies.
A Year's Worth of Credit Card Applications.
Kirby Sales Techniques.
Kirby Vacuum Mail.
My big appearance on 20/20. .
20/20 clip.
The Torn-up Credit Card Application!
Things I figured out:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
A Fruitful Bounty of Awesome MySpacers!.
Results from the Amazing Products Quiz.
Inside Herbalife Headquarters.
Four Awesome Products!
Stacy's MySpace T-shirts
Hot Glue Gun
All-Star Geometry Champs.
Selling the Golden Goose - Selling off a Structured Settlement.
You forgot the Stereo Moth**f***er!
barely-useful number sequences!
Carl's Jr. is the Headquarters for those BlueTooth Headset Dudes.
Fishingline Fiberoptics FishinEpilogue.
Missing Ipod.
My Internet Circuit
The Flying Billboard.
Eye Protection!
height weight chart.
Height/weight introduction.
Gallery of eBay Curiosities Part 2.
Twenty-Seven Unsuccessful stories from Herbalife Distributors.
Baby June, hospital childbirth.
Cockeyed Airmail
pleasant shopping experience. Screensaver.

Poisonous Mexican Dwarf Limes!
Paparazzi Contest
NASCAR Drivethru
Caution! Ant
TGI Friday's Menu
Starbucks Chairs
Arden Mall Ashtrays
Frozen Shaving Cream
Buy 2 get 1 Free
The Mystery of Storm Drains
Fake Public Service Announcement
Historical Plaque!
Menu Board Switcheroo!
Chad Bikes America!
Image-lifting imposter!
A Brand New Car!
The Lid Sign
UCSB sculpture prank
Downtown Plaza Prank
Amazing New Printers!

Death count comparison.
The Olde-Fashioned Moral Dilemma
28 testimonials for the 2005 calendar
Lauren's Wireless Router.
pie chart of the free things
short survey
Nigeria Photos
colorized $20 bills
this wallet of music CDs
Sobig Worm description.
Sacramento Gasoline Connoisseurs
California Quarter
dorky auctions, Part 1
copy and paste
State Fair construction
BART garbage can
fake x-10 ad
personal questions
lovely people
carry-on luggage
critics rave
free milk night
Trophy Night
Free Watermelon Night
Sacramento J Street Photos
Sacramento P Street Photos
razor blades
contact Rob

How Much is Inside?
Shopping Cart
University of Chicago
Glad Wrap
Mixed Nuts
Conversation Hearts
Paper Towels
A Christmas Tree
Bacon Bits
Dial Complete
A Pumpkin
An Acre
A Keg
A Chevy Trailblazer
A Million Dollars
Dust Off
French Fries
Print Cartridge
Chewing Gum
40-Foot Shipping Container
Magic Shell
Silly String
Aluminum Foil
Expanding Foam
Whipped Cream
EZ Cheese
Shaving Cream

Science Club
Making a Candle Out of Lipstick
Fiber Optics from Spaghetti
Fiber Optics from Rice Noodles.
The lift of a Helium Balloon
Lard Candle
The Properties of Heat Transfer
Insulation Testing
Eating Out
Eating In
Red Hot Vioxx Action!
Tattoo Removal
drying laundry
Viscosity Testing
Magazine Advertising
Collecting Data
Dropping Toast
Refilling an Ink Cartridge
Light Bulbs
Dissecting a Hot Pocket

Closeup Insect photos
digging pellets out of Harry Whittington
Freja Labyrint is the best!
Your Favorite Networks!
840 perfectionists
Celebrities always die in threes
Underpacking. When small things come in big packages
We Lost Our Sweet Advertising Slogan!
call TV Star Evangeline Lilly
Making Repairs to the Shuttle Discovery.
Rubber Bracelets now Available in Gumball Machines.
A Catalogue of Link Sites
Serena's TGIFridays menu
The Golden Ring Diet!
TGIFridays Menu Prank Feedback.
Cavalcade of Baby Gifts!
Ranking the Top Papal Candidates.
Overturned Toyota on Fulton Avenue.
Not Everyone Loves Cockeyed.
Downtown Sacramento Makes an Announcement
wedding gifts
Election Results in Iraq.

Incredible Stuff Made
Hero's Engine
Sudoku Costume!
Devo Hats
The Infinite Candelabra.
Fandango Costume
Dr. Octopus Costume
Jenga Costume
Banana Skin Coat
California costume
paper mache satan
spring shoes
metallic wings
fire without matches
paper mache hummingbird
paparazzi costume
matchstick cats
fish costume
ketchup packet bear
africa costume
push to cross sign
paper mache globe
pet coffin
paper mache Elvis

Costa Rica
Burning Man
Bulgaria & Turkey
New York and Washington
New Orleans
Sacramento visitor tips
Foo Fighters/MTV2 Trip to NYC
Visiting the MAKER Faire

America's Drive Thru Menus
1000 pictures of Ambur
Best Photos: 1998
Pixaround Photos

Bad Things
Bad Things that can happen to you: Part 1
Bad Things that can happen to you: Part 2
Bad Things that can happen to you: Part 3
Bad Things that can happen to you: Part 4

Nine Websites I Encourage You to Visit
Levitra Couches
the Unsolicited Commercial Love Story
Alicia's email
Hyper-RX Markup Language
Sleep Numbers of Famous People
The Extraordinary price of Dents
There are 600,426,974,379,824,381,952 ways to spell Viagra

Someone needs to replace these Stop signs.
970 great ideas for a larger Starbucks coffee cup
Help name the new Starbucks Cup Size!
Quicken Home Loans Changed their graph
Thee Mysterious case of the sinking bar graph
The Military Applications of Silly String
An Extraordinary Conversation Regarding Herbalife.
Advice for contestants on reality shows
Herbalife called the "American Scam" in Botswana
Counting the flooded buildings.
An Extraordinary Conversation Regarding Herbalife
Axe and Tag are actually two different products
Watch out for Terrorists and their plans
ebay is just bluffing
Walmart vs. Target
Blockbuster Spam
magical miracles that herbs can do
New-Fashioned Mail Fraud
Quick! Terror Quiz! Results
Taking a closer look at the War Medals of George W. Bush
Spam Survey
Mob Interview
Virus Subject Lines
Kirby Vacuum Cleaners will suck the life out of you and your marriage
Pyramid Schemes
Herbalife Work from Home Overload

Which article is your favorite?


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